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Colwyn Bay Ukulele Group

CBUG was founded some five years ago in 2011. The original driving force was Paul Richards aided by a few enthusiasts. Paul has now moved on to other things. The Group has moved rapidly on from small beginnings and has increased its membership considerably. Today membership is over seventy with an average attendance at practice of forty to fifty players. CBUG adopted a constitution in 2014 see link which states our values and objectives.

We are a group that welcomes all ukulele players from the beginner to the more accomplished. From September 2016 we have had  to introduce a temporary waiting list for new members (see below). We have a wide repertoire of songs see link and use our practices to improve performance. CBUG is viewed as a group of friends with a common interest in playing the ukulele. We do not discriminate on the grounds Gender, Age, Race,Creed or indeed playing ability. It follows that our website and facebook page are positive vehicles that do not allow derogatory or offensive content.

One of our main objectives is to give performances that raise money for good causes locally. This means that we will perform directly for a charity without cost or where we charge a fee, this is passed on in its entirety. See good causes page.

PLEASE NOTE.  We welcome applications from people wishing to join CBUG. We have to close membership from time to time to maintain balance within the club. when this happens we operate a waiting list. Anyone wishing to join is, in the first instance,  invited to contact the Chairman, Ray Murphy. email  tel 01286 650261

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We do not have a membership subscription as such. A player becomes a member on their second consecutive attendance at practice. Every member pays £1 sub at practice towards the running costs of CBUG. This is our only income. Membership ceases automatically if a player does not attend practice for three months. A person can rejoin thereafter on attendance and the payment of the practice sub. Members can often be members of other groups as well including ‘The Cherrypickers Ukulele Band’ ‘Whatever’ and ‘The Soggy Bottom Boys’ etc.

Occasionally new members may have to go on a waiting list if the numbers at practice exceed 55 to 60. This is the optimum number whereby practice remains a viable and productive event for everyone. We are also restricted by the size of the hall.


Our Social Headquarters - The White Lion

We congregate at various times at the White Lion Pub at Llanelian Yn Rhos, above Old Colwyn. The White Lion is one of the oldest pubs in North Wales, it a has a fantastic Atmosphere with good food and drink. Nina and Simon, the landlords, have always made us welcome. This is where we hold a number of functions including our Christmas dinner.