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Colwyn Bay Ukulele Group Constitution and link to Privacy Policy


The Colwyn Bay Ukulele Group (CBUG) is a non-profit making group of individual players who meet to play and practice the ukelele. It promotes the group and instrument by public performance. Wherever possible these performances are for charitable purposes.


CBUG welcomes all standard of players, is open and democratic. There are no formal membership requirements and a subscription is not required. Membership is gained on payment of the second week’s practice contribution and registering of an address. Membership will cease automatically after a three-month absence from practice. A person may join thereafter under the same conditions.


CBUG has no regular income and therefore minimal assets. A nominal contribution is set for Saturday practices to cover running expenses. Any accumulated surplus will be dispersed by common consent at suitable times in the year. No individual or group will have any call on CBUG funds. Funds will be held in a Building Society/Bank account. Accounts will be kept and published by The Hon Treasurer during the year.


CBUG operates in the spirit of cooperative teamwork and with minimal bureaucracy.  To this end a committee will be elected each year in January to organise CBUG on a day-to-day basis. This AGM will be notified and take place after a Saturday practice in January. The committee will consist of a Chairperson, Honorary Treasurer/Secretary and a Performance Co-ordinator. The following tasks are also subject to election each year. They can be co-opted to the Committee. A member can undertake more than one task. These tasks are currently but not exclusively, 1.Musical leaders. 2. Facebook editor. 3. Dropbox editor. (Also substitutes if necessary.) Bureaucracy will be kept to a minimum and committee meetings will take place as and when necessary, decisions noted and accounts kept. Information will be communicated to members by email and by announcements at practices. This will be supplemented by hardcopy for members without email. This will be available at the following practice.


CBUG can be dissolved by the Committee calling a meeting proposing a dissolution. A vote will be taken by attending members. No member shall have any call on the assets of CBUG. If these exist, at this dissolution, they will be donated by common consent to a local charity.

Amendment to the constitution.

This constitution can be amended if necessary at an Annual General Meeting.

October 2015

Privacy Policy – May 2018

The link below will take you to our Privacy Policy in line with the 2018 EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

CBUG Privacy Policy